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Trauma Insurance: Gender Bias with Listed Medical Events

Gender Bias

Trauma Insurance: Gender Bias with Listed Medical Events

Posted by Mark Thompson

Trauma Policies

Although most trauma policies include around 40 medical events, heart attack and cancer account for around 70% of all insurance claims for trauma insurance, and for women the majority of cancer claims are for breast cancer. It is imperative, therefore, that your trauma policy has the best definitions for these 2 medical events.

Not all Policy Definitions are the Same

A good example of differences in policy definitions is the definitions for Heart Attack in trauma policies. In Australia there are 3 standard definitions. Two of the 3 definitions for Heart Attack are likely like to pay the life insured the full benefit payment for a minor heart attack, while the third is more likely to exclude a minor heart attack. Another example are the definitions for cancer in trauma policies. In Australia there are a number of definitions; not so much when the cancer has spread to surrounding tissue, but when the cancer is confined to an organ (carcinoma in situ).

Gender Bias for Some Conditions

Some policies offer greater support for one gender or another when compared to other insurers.


Prostate Cancer is a good example where a few insurers will pay the full trauma benefit upon the diagnosis of low-level prostate cancer where others will only pay a part or partial benefit.


Some insurers will offer an extensive list of low level autoimmune conditions that are more likely to afflict women than men and which pay a partial benefit. 


You may be surprised to learn that when attempting to recommend a policy that offers the best definitions for Heart Attack, Cancer, as well gender specific features that it is almost impossible. A trauma policy may be strong in one feature but weaker in another.

Insurance Selection Quandary

Would you prefer a policy that offered an extensive list of autoimmune conditions for women that only paid a partial benefit, including a low level heart attack, where another policy offer has less autoimmune conditions, but paid the full benefit for a low level heart attack?

Mark Thompson Advisory Services (ATA Bespoke Insurance Solutions) has researched trauma policies and their definitions.



The comments made on this site are of a general nature only and are not a recommendation to apply for any particular insurance policy. Before applying for insurance your adviser should provide you with a Statement of Advice, with recommendations that take into account your personal circumstances and which are likely to fulfil your best interest. Alternatively, if you apply On Line the advice could be limited to a General nature, without the need to take into account your personal circumstances or provide a Statement of Advice.