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About Us: Our Goals and Philosophy

Our Mission and Values

We believe in planning for a sustainable future, in doing the right thing not the easy thing and in being there to help more people

+ - Our Mission

To be recognised Australia wide as a truly great provider of advice.

+ - Our Values


We are trusted experts and completely focused on our clients well being.


We consider our footprint and work to reduce waste.


We deliver for our stakeholders: profit for shareholders, peace of mind for our clients, leadership for our industry, a future for our children.


We consider the implications, impact and ethics of our actions.


We respect each other, work together and strive for improvement.

+ - Our Stakeholders

The traditional approach is that businesses must act solely in the interest of shareholders. There are numerous examples across the world where this approach has delivered undesirable outcomes for the community, clients and the environment.

Financial services companies that only care about shareholders can shuffle clients from product to product; charge fees that don’t correlate with the work performed and have the potential to destroy the retirement outcomes of their clients.

Governments establish legal frameworks in an attempt to counter the shareholder model but a lack of suitable enforcement or appropriate legislation leaves the environment and community exposed.

The stakeholder approach elevates the importance of all stakeholders to the same level as shareholders. The concept is that while shareholders are right to seek a profit they must operate in a framework that considers the impact of their behaviour on the stakeholders that surround them.

Enva’s approach is the stakeholder approach.

Your family and environment are as important to us, as our business is to our family.

Stakeholders Diagram

+ - Professional Associations and Codes of Conduct

Enva holds itself to a high professional standard, below is a list of industry bodies we are associated with and the codes of conduct we subscribe to.

Organisation / Code of Conduct

How We Invest

+ - Read About How We Invest

Our Investment PhilosophyOur investment philosophy is designed to leverage the latest research in behavioural economics as well as long held truths relating to investment diversification.

The first step in determining the right investment is to start with you. Helping you to be clear about your objectives is the first and most important step to investing. The timeframe for your goal sets the stage for the investment risk and the level of savings required.

A client with a long timeframe and low levels of savings may need to take more investment risk than a client with the intention of making large ongoing contributions. It all starts here.

Strategy: A plan of action designed to achieve a long term or overall aim. Strategy is our expertise.

Should you be making additional contributions to super or building savings outside? Perhaps a lump sum investment is best or small investments over a set period of time. Sell down, repurchase, contribute, withdraw, borrow, repay. Personalised strategy is where we add value to your situation; it’s what you pay us for.

Asset allocation: We construct portfolios that are spread across sectors, asset classes and companies.

Appropriate diversification can reduce the risk of your portfolio and boost the return over time. Our value is in helping you understand these assets and tailoring your portfolio to suit your preference.

Figures 1-3

Product: We use our experience and leverage market research.

to construct portfolios designed to deliver specific investment objectives for you. We can provide advice on direct shares and use specific stocks to round out your portfolio. However, when starting from scratch it’s best to recognise that what is simple is sometimes what is best.

How We Protect

+ - Read About How We Protect

Our Protection PhilosophyLife Insurance can be simple. “How much money do you want if you die prematurely?”

You might think this is easy and it is until you consider that death is only one part of the equation. We need to consider who owns the cover, who it goes to and what happens if what you want isn’t enough. Thankfully death is the least likely thing to happen to you and it only happens once. We want to help you get it right.

Our protection philosophy starts with one big question: “What happens if?”

Our approach is to help you map out your current situation and determine your desire to keep it the way it is.

Everyone’s situation is different; business owners might be worried about the loss of a key person in their business or how they would buy out their partner if they could no longer help run the operation.

Every family has considered what happens if someone passes away. Most worry about what would happen if someone couldn’t work or became seriously ill.

We focus these discussions into realised solutions. The benefit to you is peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

A quality protection strategy asks not just what type of cover or which provider (something a basic website could do) but also consider ownership, timeframes, beneficiaries, the interplay of different product features and the nature of your occupation, habits and past-times.

We believe it’s important to look at the long term when structuring your cover. What you need today may not be what you need tomorrow and planning for that future need can result in significant savings.

Life StagesMany people find their protection needs decline over time but rarely drop to zero. We design our solutions to account for this challenge from the start.

Protection advice is intrinsically linked to product. Be it protecting retirement savings through fixed income products or protecting your family from the impact of serious illness; a third party is required to offer that protection.

We know that all retail insurance providers in Australia provide a quality product, we also know that prudential regulation by the federal government and strong contract law gives every Australian confidence in those insurers.

However, there are differences that go far beyond the surface of features and benefits. Our philosophy is to hold product providers to account on the sustainability of their premiums and processing service timeframes. We know what is cost effective today may not be tomorrow and moving insurance companies can be dangerous. We will recommend a long-term partner to suit your long-term strategy.

How We Deliver Advice

+ - Read About How We Deliver Advice

Our advice and pricing philosophyWe’ve thought long and hard about what we do and the value of our advice. We believe that above all, what you pay and what you receive should be clear, simple and keep you in control.

We understand that your financial journey is not only about achieving your goals, it’s also about the little things – having someone to call when you are concerned or uncertain.

We will help you take a step back from the detail and work with you to put in place simple, low maintenance strategies to build wealth and protect your future.

Enva’s fees are fixed fee for service packages charged at a fair and sustainable rate. Fixed fee packages provide you with clarity and give us an incentive to deliver efficient services. We believe a charge based on a percentage of your assets can create a conflict and does not deliver clear value to you as a client.

When it comes to insurance products we will continue to accept commissions. The time required is highly variable and we don’t believe it’s right to charge a fee if your cover can’t be accepted due to health reasons.

Enva believes in delivering comprehensive advice to help you achieve your goals. Unless you specifically exclude it, all personal advice will include an estate planning and personal insurance review.

Wherever possible, Enva will work with your recommended superannuation or investment provider to minimise your out of pocket expenses. Insurance commissions can also be used to offset the cost.

Our fees include the research and preparation of your advice documents as well as the cost of implementation and are inclusive of GST. If you choose to implement our advice yourself we are able to discount our initial advice fee.

Any legal and accounting fees are separate charges. However, where we receive insurance commissions we may use any initial advice fee paid to offset part or all of those additional charges.

FeesOngoing service is about making sure you’re best placed to react to a constantly changing environment. Enva’s approach is to build an offer that directly relates to the complexity of your portfolio. We have created an ongoing service package called “Central services” which forms the foundation of our partnership with you. In addition to these foundational services we have a modular approach to constructing our ongoing service packages.

This approach provides absolute clarity on the time spent and it’s relation to your objectives. Your initial advice will drive the ongoing services required to support it.

Legal Disclosures and Recognition

+ - Your Rights and Our Responsibilities

Enva and its employees are responsible for the provision of quality advice and take this responsibility seriously. Financial advisers are required to either hold an “Australian Financial Services License” or operate as authorised representatives of a Licensee. Enva is licensed through Charter Financial Planning, part of the AMP group. Below you will find website disclosures and to the right, our financial services guide and other documents.

+ - Our Commitment to your Privacy

Charter Financial Planning Limited (Charter) understands that privacy is important to its clients. Being part of the AMP Group means we are subject to the principles outlined within their Privacy Policy (The Privacy Policy) which we have adopted from 10 March 2014.

Please click here to download a copy of The Privacy Policy.

Your Enva financial adviser is authorised by Charter and is also subject to The Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy explains how we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, which have been established under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Privacy Policy covers:

  • why we need to collect your personal information
  • the types of personal information we collect, and how it is collected
  • how we protect your personal information, and who it could be disclosed to
  • specific issues relating to privacy and the use of the internet.

+ - Contacting Charter About Privacy

We always welcome feedback about client experiences, as we know things don’t always go the way they should. If you:

  • have a general enquiry about how personal information is collected or used
  • would like to access or update your personal information
  • wish to make a complaint relating to privacy

you can contact us directly as set out below. We are committed to doing the right thing by you and we will respond as soon as possible.

The AMP Privacy Officer
PO Box 300
Parramatta NSW 2124

Telephone: 1300 157 173

Alternatively your concerns can be emailed to: askamp@amp.com.au

+ - Website Conditions of Use

Disclaimer Information provided on this Web Site is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice.

While all reasonable care has been taken in providing this information, unless expressly stated, it should not be construed as being specific to your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs.

We will endeavour to update the Web Site as soon as practicable after changes. However, information can change without notice and we do not guarantee the accuracy of information on the Web Site, including information provided by third parties, at any particular time.

This information is prepared for residents of Australia only. Any currency references are references to Australian dollars unless otherwise specified.

Unless otherwise specified, copyright of information provided on this Web Site is owned by Enva. You may not alter or modify this information in any way, including removing this copyright notice.

This Web Site does not offer securities or other financial products, nor does it invite subscriptions for securities or other financial products to any person outside Australia. We do not guarantee the repayment of capital or any particular return from, or any increase in, the value of any products unless otherwise expressly agreed. Further, we disclaim any liability for loss, damage, cost or other expense which you may incur as a result of any information provided on this Web Site, to the extent that such liability is not excluded by law.

Special Thanks

Enva would like to thank and recognise the people and companies that have contributed to this website.

Cassandra McNeilly – Studio(c Adelaide: for delivering a fantastic website and putting up with Michael’s constant nagging and fidgeting.

Our Families: to Tatum for putting up with Michael (in general), Larisa for making sure our compliance partners knew what we were doing and to Amelia, Skylar, Joshua and Stellan for being cute.

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