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Marek Lambert

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Harpinder Chipra
Marek Lambert

Focused, engaging, perceptive


Advanced Diploma in financial planning

Adviser Experience

Personal insurance, cashflow planning, wealth building and superannuation, retirement, aged care and Centrelink strategies

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Marek's Bio

Marek was born in the UK and at the age of 18 months, made the decision to pack up and move to Australia (due in some part to his parents’ emigration), a place that he has called home ever since.

Coming from a musical background, Marek was taught to play the violin from the age of four by his father. He soon learned that simply playing the violin in a public space with the case open resulted in money being earned, thus helping him understand at an early age the value of working for his money. From these humble beginnings he held various roles as a car cleaner, labourer, helpdesk analyst, computer hardware specialist and more, finally deciding on a career in financial planning due to his passion for helping people. Marek loves to learn and can regularly be found reading or researching something new.

In his free time Marek enjoys spending time with his wife Rebecca, socializing and engaging in a variety of hobbies including photography, motorcycling, martial arts and music.

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