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Why get financial advice?

Why get financial advice?

Allow us to let you in on a little secret; almost everything we can tell you or help you with can be found online. You can Google your way to almost any fact or rule and find your own path. Many financial products can also be purchased online, over the phone or at your local bank.

So with all this amazing knowledge at your fingertips why would you see a financial adviser and why should you trust Enva to help?

It is human nature to overrate our ability to make sound judgments and rational decisions. This is particularly true when dealing with our own circumstances. According to studies conducted by Francesca Gino (2013) we are often side-tracked by our ego and tend to undervalue advice on topics that appear easy and over value advice on tasks that appear complex.

Our value to you begins when we ask the right questions and help you define your goals. The facts and figures are easy to find, the right questions are much harder.

Personal financial advice is about taking the time to reflect on your situation and to have someone who is independent of your circumstances think hard about your best next step.

Beyond that, the value of a partnership with us is that we can help make sure you achieve your goals.
Everyone knows that losing weight is about eating right and getting enough exercise. Most people know that smoking is bad for you and sometimes it can be easy to tell others how they can fix their career, their relationship or their life.

However, what we’re often not good at is taking that advice or fully realising our goals. Partnership with a financial adviser is as much about accountability as it is about advice. We will be there every year to ask how you are tracking and provide guidance to keep you working towards your goals.

That’s why you should get advice.

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